Chicago Native Big D on Providing Sneaker Fiend Tees

Sneaker fiend tees is a hip-hop brand based on the sneaker culture. But, instead of going with the flow of already existing sneakers, this label makes their own waves. You don’t go out and buy their shirts to match your shoes, you base your sneaker choices on their dope shirts. This is how dope their brand is. They are 100%, Chicago guaranteed, fresh. Inspired by Chicago-based Cross Colors and Karl Kani, and 80′s designers Willie Smith and Patrick Kelly, Sneaker Fiend Tees was started in 2002 – and was finally launched in 2007 – by co-captain, CEO, main proprietor and designer, David Carruth or “Big D”. His main tool of marketing: the forum Niketalk and MySpace. He started the line initially to suit his own style needs, and he says it just went from there. Orders started coming in, and his investments paid off. You can say he’s a man with a golden touch. Every t-shirt venture he sets his mind to turns to instant gold.

Sneaker Fiend has been featured in the Magic Trade Show and magazines Scheme, Antenna and Format. They recognize fresh when they see it – and so do DJ Clark Kent, Ty from the Chicago based streetwear store, Leaders 1351, and famous rappers Joe Budden and Yung Berg. Since being made available on, Sneaker Fiend Tees have been selling like “crack on a street corner”. The t-shirts have been flying off the shelves! The label has been making appearances left and right, most on Rap City and other well-known hip-hop networks. So far Sneaker Fiend Tees produces 100% cotton, medium-weight t-shirts for men, although they have been getting requests to start producing for women. Big D does have other clothing lines that cater especially to them, but right now, Sneaker Fiend is the main deal. Via Modern Notoriety

get yours HERE:


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