Hassan Tells About His Love For Air Force 1, While Showing His Amazing Collection

A couple months ago, we attended the “All SN’eads Unite” event in Los Angeles, where sneaker lovers of all kinds came to have some food, chill, and talk sneakers.
Amongst the many that were in attendance, Hassan aka @afrokix was there setup with one of the biggest AF1 collections we’ve seen publicly displayed on the
West Coast.  We asked him if he were to have no choice but to pick one pair of AF1′s to wear for the rest of his life, which would he pick? He Couldn’t answer.
Can’t blame the guy! He’s a true AF1 lover.

He actually started collecting AF1′s back when he was attending his European high school and AF1′s were the only kicks going on sale. Two years later in 2004,
Hassan moved to the US and started seriously collecting and they’ve been his favorite kicks ever since.  He saw the beauty from the beginning, hence a collection
of a lifetime.  Check out some pics from Hassan’s collection below.





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