Air Jordan X Chicago Giveaway-Win a Free Pair from SoleFresh SoleClean!


UPDATE:  2 winners have been randomly drawn from the pool of the completed tasks.  Leo of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA and Antoine of Bethesda, MD, please check your email and respond to ASAP your size and preferred shipping address.  If for some reason, there is no response in a prompt manner, we will be redrawing.  Thank you to everyone for participating.  In a short time, we have attracted a tremendous amount of loyal readers.  Stay tuned for more sneaker giveaways!


This retro release of the Air Jordan X Chicago is a long time coming.  The OG X Chicago has been grail status for me for as long as I can remember.   Took years to finally track down a DS pair in my size.   I spent a grip….over a stack, and that was like 5 years ago.   On January 21, 2012, the release of this long awaited retro will finally be here.

We are here to not only serve you guys with kicks at the fairest price on our online store, but also to serve  up valuable information on our blog that relates to our culture.   We have been around forever – been in the game longer than some of you are alive.  We used to be on eBay heavy, but we have recently migrated the move to our own site a little over a month ago.  As for our blog, we started around the same time as well.   Its progress in the right direction, and we are extremely proud and excited.

Contest details: We will be giving out TWO free pairs of Chicago Xs to TWO of our loyal readers/customers.  Yes that’s right…Free 99.  All you have to do is execute ALL of these 4 simple steps.

1) Share this post on Twitter (share button below)

2) Follow our blog (located  in right column)

3) Follow us on Twitter  (located  in right column)

4) Like our Facebook Page  (located  in right column)

We will be announcing our 2 winners before official release…that way 2 lucky people have one less thing to worry about.

Photos via AGS


63 comments on “Air Jordan X Chicago Giveaway-Win a Free Pair from SoleFresh SoleClean!

  1. rqj says:

    Those sneakers a serious. Always loved them

  2. Everything’s done and hopes are high. Lol…

  3. tarheeldonna says:

    Love them! Want them! Gotta have them! 🙂

  4. J-Walk says:

    Praying and Wishing

  5. Alfred Davis says:

    Didn’t get to get my Concords smh I need them jawns

  6. krisp215 says:

    10s are my 2nd favorite J’s (7s are my 1st). I never win in giveaways/contests, but maybe my luck will change.

  7. mrriverwerk says:

    they were hard to get when they first dropped, happy they decided to drop em again. they shouldve done this earlier tho.

  8. Sandres says:

    I can’t wait for these to come out…..

  9. yeaahhhh boyeeeeee!!!!!!!!
    gotta have these

  10. brinick305 says:

    These kicks are definitely eye candy

  11. damon says:

    Great contest

  12. seanb219 says:

    Man can’t figure out how to follow the blog. Little help???

  13. I really hope I win this. I’m 16 with no money, and if I had any i’d have to pick between these and the cements.

  14. PAtricia rivas flores says:

    cant wait

  15. Mario says:

    these are hella dope man i cant wait

  16. Hope I can enter can’t see T&C (UK type person here) ?????

  17. kuntry says:

    Gotta have them

  18. Reazon412 says:

    just completed everything.

  19. I did everything I really hope I win since my Christmas was rough =\

  20. I waited 17.5 hrs patiently for the Concords, and got them! I deserve these #FRESH #FLY Xs to go with my collection.

  21. CG400 says:

    Never had a pair of these, and I always wanted this colorway! Hope my luck changes for the better on this one.

  22. Brianna says:

    List complete. Hopefully i’ll win a GS pair =D

  23. joronomo18 says:

    I think I’m going to win a pair =]

  24. Enrique Batiste says:

    I never Win at these things, But I love these jordan’s so I figured I’d give it a shot. Shout Out to SoleFresh for the contest and opportunity.

  25. all steps completed 🙂 tweeting @saraminda very kewl giveaway!!

  26. nicholasrexutz says:

    hit me up with that winnin pair!

  27. Tracy S says:

    Need Them Hope I Win

  28. yungMOEski says:

    did everything i had to to enter the contest…if i win, cool but if i dont im still copping these regardless. Classic shoe

  29. Lisa G says:

    Done all of the above~ I gave a google plus too! 🙂 These are way cool!

  30. jerome cortes says:

    i need these so bad … this is gonna be fun tho ill be waiting nd checking my email nd the site daily. 🙂

  31. @HartThrobUno says:

    The Hype isn’t the same as the Concords #Thank God

  32. Chase Gaddy says:

    I never win anything

  33. Matt K says:

    I hope eyes can wins!!!!

  34. I didnt win the euromillions which i was so convinced I would but if you let em win this that will make up for it :-p

  35. Rommel says:

    Gotta have that awesome feeling on a new kicks bling.!!! I feel like i’m a winner already!!!

  36. Matt Kalist says:

    Sweet, would love to win a pair.

  37. susan smoaks says:

    tweeting @fdp4life
    tony l smoaks on facebook liked and shared
    following blog

  38. Ted Kooper says:

    done everything

  39. Sandy says:


  40. Alan Tong says:

    Thank you so very much!

  41. Sharde Marie says:

    Steps 1-4 are complete! Lol I need those kicks

  42. solefresh the website wet u got the hookup hope i win

  43. Deana Kneen says:

    Fingers crossed!! Shared all over again!!

  44. chase says:

    in the winner

  45. King says:

    i hope im lucky

  46. Mia says:

    Did them all…crossing my fingers! (The boy needs new shoes!!)

  47. Devin Williams says:

    I wanna win soo bad I love these shoes!!!

  48. Done again, gotta have em

  49. Haven’t had the time to pick up a pair of j’s in over a year..need to slow down

  50. mike says:

    hop i win

  51. Damion Jones says:

    Hopefully it’ll be me, because i never win anything.

  52. I hope I win! What if I don’t have a FB tho?

  53. Dominique Grant says:

    Wasup when it over ??

  54. Ella says:

    i am not gonna win just did it for the fun XD

  55. @thatkidicy_af says:

    I have the worst luck not gona win but might as well try

  56. Beyunka says:

    I can not wait until these come out. Gotta get em!

  57. Tomorrow is the big day…
    I don’t have any money though so hopefully I win.

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