Kanye West Makes his DJ Debut in London Under the Name “Yeezy World Peace”

Kanye West continues to expand upon his musical abilities, this time around getting down on the DJ turntables.

There isn’t much Kanye West hasn’t done in the music game. The Chicago artist is a legend in music, and is considered by many to be the best hip hop artist of our time. We already know Yeezy is a talented lyricist, and can produce like no other, but what about his ability to DJ?

Earlier in the week Kanye offered up his DJ services for this coming New Year’s eve via his newly dubbed ‘Yeezy World Peace‘ moniker. Yeezy ended up showing off his DJ skills at a Christmas party with UK superstar Mr. Hudson.

It looks like some fan snapped footage has surfaced on the web showcasing Kanye’s DJ skills. Kanye has already had one hell of year which includes the immensely successful ‘Watch The Throne’ album and tour with Jay-Z, and even recently performed with Hov for a nominal fee of $6 million.

It will be interesting to see how long Kanye works on this music venture and where it ends up taking him.

via this beat goes


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