Air Jordan 11 Concord – Market Price Report UPDATED

The frenzy and madness continues as fanatics are paying an arm and a leg to cop their pair.  People are robbed each other at gunpoint. People are getting pepper sprayed.  People say it’s just a general release, well, when the demand exceeds supply by 10 folds, helps explain the reasoning behind the lunacy of people.

I will help gauge the market price of the Concords by taking the total price of the last 10 completed listings on eBay at the most present point in time.  Total price included standard shipping. I also only took “top-rated” eBay sellers – this is to eliminate problematic sellers that buyers may not trust with lower feedbacks. This is not perfect system by means. There could be fraudulent transactions or shill bidding that I have not accounted for.  Take it for what it’s worth.  Here are the findings:

Last 10 completed listings on eBay at Jan 5, 2011 8.52 am CDT

Average arithmetic mean- $399.39

High Price- $515

Low Price- $334.99

On January 1 2012, I did the same study.  Price is stabilizing a bit.   I see a few  auctions that end lower than the $350.  But logically, top rated sellers tend to get premium pricing due to stronger credibility.  Average price has gone up from $390.99 to $399.39.   High Price jumped  from $444.99 to $515.  Low price went down from $350 to $334.99.  I will perform this study periodically and map out my findings into a graph after more data has been gathered.  Stay tuned.


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