[Breaking News] Floyd Mayweather Jr versus Manny Pacquiao Megafight on May 5, 2012?

Today, the judge delayed sentencing of Floyd until June 1st, because of a prior commitment to a ‘megafight’ with an unnamed fighter on May 5, 2012.  She sited the magnitude of the economic benefits to local economy of Las Vegas.  Let’s connect the dots- this can only be a fight with Manny right???

Excerpts from ESPN below:

A judge in Las Vegas on Friday gave Floyd Mayweather Jr. until June 1 turn himself in to serve a 90-day jail sentence for his guilty plea in a domestic violence case, allowing the undefeated boxer to meet contractual obligations for a Cinco de Mayo fight against an as-yet unnamed opponent.

Las Vegas Judge Saragosa said she was swayed by a last-minute plea by Mayweather’s lawyer, Richard Wright, to let Mayweather postpone his sentence so he can train to fight on the May 5 date his promoters have reserved at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and promised to pay-per-view television.  

Wright said Mayweather wasn’t trying to avoid the sentence, and emphasized the potential economic benefit of attracting fight fans and hotel guests to Las Vegas for a Mayweather fight. The lawyer estimated that Mayweather’s last seven fights in Las Vegas generated $1 billion in business to the community. He projected the economic boost from a May 5 fight at more than $100 million.


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