David Choe mourns over loss of privacy due to his $200 million check from painting Facebook offices.

Barbara Walters Interviews David Choe | VideoYou know all those time machine fantasies you have where you go back in time and cop all the right stocks to sky rocket your net worth? David Choe is basically living that fantasy right now, with the Facebook stock he got in exchange for painting their offices back in 2005 being worth an estimate $200 million now that the company will be going public. In an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters, David sits down to discuss the details surrounding his sudden explosion of wealth, which he actually estimates puts him over the $200 million mark being thrown around, and goes on to explain why it isn’t all positive for him. Follow us after the jump to check out the interview with David Choe, who is now no doubt one of the most successful graffiti artist ever thanks to his wise investment. Via: Freshnessmag




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